Why machine vision systems use machine vision lights

Many people do not know why need to use machine vision lights , machine vision light source act what role in the whole system, today follow we to understand the problem!
Lighting system is one of the most critical parts of machine vision system, machine vision light source affects the quality of the image, and then affects the performance of the system. A good lighting design allows us to get a good image, thereby improving the resolution of the entire system, simplifying the operation of the software, and not suitable lighting, then
will cause a lot of problems.       
The core of machine vision system is image acquisition and processing. All information comes from the image, and the quality of the image itself is critical to the entire visual system. The light source is an important factor that affects the image level of the machine vision system, because it directly affects the quality of the input data and the application effect of at least 30%.
Through the proper light source lighting design, the target information and background information in the image can be optimally separated, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of the image processing algorithm, while improving the accuracy and reliability of the system. Conversely, if the light source is not designed properly, it will lead to more than half the work in image processing algorithm design and imaging system design. Till now, there is no common machine vision lighting, so for each specific case, the appropriate lighting should be designed for optimal results. Therefore, the success or failure of light source and optical system design is the primary factor that determines the success or failure of the system.
The role of machine vision light sources is to make image acquisition easier and to produce high-quality images. Here's a look at the definition of image processing:
1. Using CCD camera to convert the ingest target into an image signal, transmitted to a dedicated image processing system, according to pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, into a digital signal.

2. The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, such as area, length, quantity, position, etc.
3. Output results according to preset tolerances and other conditions, e.g. size, angle, offset, number of numbers, qualified/unqualified, yes/no, etc.
Basic processes for image processing:

When using image detection for inspection, there is already sunlight and factory inhouse lighting, why do you need to use a dedicated machine vision light source?
Because the machine vision light source can directly affect the quality of the image ingested, and ultimately affect the performance and efficiency of the entire system. Wordop Machine Vision summarizes the role of machine vision light sources as:
A. Increase the grays value difference between the interested and other parts
B. Try to eliminate un interested parts
C. Improve the signal-to-noise ratio, which is good for image processing
D. Reduce the effect of material and irradiation angle on imaging