Vision China (Shenzhen) 2019 the curtain came to a successful conclusion

China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence Technology Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Applications Seminar (Vision China (Shenzhen) 2019) opened today in Hall 3 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition focuses on the innovative applications of machine vision technology in industrial vision detection, defect detection, visual positioning and intelligent manufacturing line automation, and helps the upgrading and advancement of the intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, electronic assembly, precision laser processing and semiconductor industries.

Wordop Automation invites all of you to visit!
Booth No:3H15
Date: 2019.10.10-10.12
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center No. 3

Highlights of the event:
1. Time-sharing strobe array imaging programme
1. Support 1-4 kinds of light source simultaneous imaging;
2. High sensitivity, up to 50kHz trigger frequency, trigger delay of 1us;
3. Simplify the structure of integrated application system;
4. Significantly reduce the cost of the system, cost-effective.

Application s:
1. Glass cover test;
2. Nonwovens detection;
3. Printing testing;
4. Crystal, solar panel detection;
5. Other industrial testing.

General scheme: multiple station detection

Detection of lithium battery poles and extreme ears (dew copper, creases) respectively

Time-sharing flash scheme: one station integrated detection

Simultaneous detection of lithium battery pole pieces and ears (exposed copper, creases)