Pangu imaging system: how to improve your Machine vision inspection efficiency

The "Pangu" imaging system (left) is compared to the traditional time-between strobe detection (right).

"Pangu" imaging system features.

1. Support 1-4 kinds of light source simultaneous detection, simplify the application system structure, greatly reduce the cost of the system.

2. Using TDI technology (4lines/lamp), good response, ensure the image quality at high frequency. 

3. Control timing is done directly by the camera, with high control accuracy and stable images.

4. Real-time rendering of stitched images, no need for PC-side extraction and stitching, high efficiency, good reliability.

5. Fast, up to 50kHz trigger frequency, trigger delay within 1us


1. Glass cover defect detection.

2. Lithium-battery surface defect detection.

3. Print characters and appearance detection.

4. Wafer, solar panel detection.

5. Other industrial testing