Heyuan two-day one-night hot spring tour

From November 1st to 2nd, in order to thank all the employees for their hard work during the year, so that everyone can relax and relieve stress, they came for a walk-and-go trip. trip.

Set off The sky is clear, the wind is good, and the cheerful friends come to the company early to get ready to go!

Laughter all the way In the two-hour drive, everyone tried his best to just smile for Bo Jun.  Reach the destination The local food that can't be missed during the tour, we went straight to the farm to taste the most authentic Hakka food.

After lunch, the partners came to the Bavarian manor with "air wash face, negative ion washing lungs, landscape washing dust" called the Bavarian manor. We are not happy and have fun in the Black Forest Park.

Surrounded by mountains and waters, the estate is surrounded by East and West culture, colorful European architecture, castles, windmills, people feel as if they are in the fairy tale kingdom, Hakka house, solemn temples give people the beauty of Chinese tradition.

After dinner, the little friends rushed to the long-awaited hot spring area to ease the fatigue after the play.

The next day, we came early to the Wanlu Lake Mirror Flower Scenic Area, feel the "home of the flower fairy, mirror flower water moon dream" of the book beauty, we are full of energy, across the fairy margin bridge, strolling in the island, feel the mountain, quiet, soft water, more calm, melodious!